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The Twinotter is one of the most widely used mountainwheeling planes, beause of it’s incredible STOL capabilities (Short Takeoff Or Landing)

This plane can fly to any airport in the world, as it only needs 1,200 ft (366m) of runway to takeoff, and 1,050 ft (320m) of runway to land. it can carry up to 19 passengers, powered by a PT6A engine. Production by DeHavilliand began by 1964 and ceased at 1988,

In 1976, the cost of a brand-new Twinotter would have been $700,000 in 1976 prices, which means that it costs $2.5 million. The Twinotter also had different variations, such as the landing gear would be replaced with skis, floats or the tricycle landing gear, along with there being a freighter version of the Twinotter, as well as there being a military version.

By 2006, way long after the production of the Twinotter ceased, a new producer, VIKING, had bought the Type Certificate to the Twinotter, resuming it’s production.

The technical specs of the Twinotter are as follows:

Maximum takeoff weight – 12,500 lb (5,670kg)

Maximum Landing Weight – 12,300 lb (5,579 kg)

Number of crew – 1 or 2

Fuel Capacity – 378 US Gallons (total)

Fuel Capacity (Long Range) – + 89 US Gallons

Wing Span – 19.8 m (65 ft)

Length – 15.77 m (51ft 9inch)

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