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the DC-3 was one of the first planes to be used as an airliner. It was a 14-bed sleeper version of the DC-2, and had a lasting effect on the airline industry through the 1940s. It was, at that time, a sleek, wide and aerodynamic twin-engine turboprop, which could be used for many things, such as airdrop for military, cargo, and as an airliner. The DC-3 was a very fast plane, by 1940 standards, and had a log range. It was also a reliable and a plane that carried passengers safely with great comfort. There were many DC-3s that were produced, the number being approximately 16,080, and more than 778 remained in service until 1998.

The DC-3 had two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65AR engines, that  produces 1298 ehsp (Equivalent Shaft Horsepower), which was a vey powerful amount of HP, if you ask me,

Now, the DC-3 has a vast operational history, extending from sleeper-class planes, to military cargo or airdrop planes. The DC-3 had it’s first purchase, by American Airlines, where it had it’s maiden flight from Newark, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois.

The douglas DC-3 is still used as of 2021 in active commercial and millitary services, and also cargo.

I personally like the DC-3 because of it’s design and  also, the amount of weight it can carry, due to it’s airfoil shape. And, the oldest surviving DC-3 is N133D, which was a plane that was produced in the 1936, and it still flies today, after 85 marvelous years of service.`

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